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            The product you are looking for: Cable Tie Packing Series Cable Tie Series

            ABOUT US

            Zhejiang Yatai Plastic Co., Ltd.

            Founded in 1990,Zhejiang Yatai Plastic Co., Ltd is located in the largest manufacturing base of low-voltage electrical apparatus in China-Liushi, Yueqing which is close to Wenzhou Airport in the west, nearby the famous Yandang Mountain in the north, adjacent to 104 mational road in the south. It is a geographically superio & beautiful place with convenient transportation

            Combining research, development, design, production and marketing, Zhejiang Yatai Plastic Co., Ltd is one of the largest & most professional manufacturers & exporters of plastic products in Zhejiang…


            Good Cable Tie Select Yatai
            Focus on wiring equipment for 20 years, witness the strength of the company
            The company was founded in 1999, its predecessor was "Yueqing Yatai Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd."; in 2005, it was promoted to "Zhejiang Yatai Plastic Co., Ltd."; in 2015, moved to Liule Road 2555 (104 National Road section) No., registered capital of 10 million yuan, construction area of 7,000 square meters, more than 80 various types of technical personnel; with domestic advanced production equipment and inspection and testing facilities, the annual production capacity of more than 1,000 tons.
            Professional technical support, quality is trustworthy
            With 20 years of industry experience, we focus on R&D, production and sales of wiring devices such as nylon cable ties, cable clamps, expansion tubes, locating tab holders, and winding tubes. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has more than 100 people such as mold development team, product production and packaging team, pre-sales and after-sales team, and strong technical strength. Products through ROHS, REACH, PAHS, CE and other third-party authoritative certification, excellence, to ensure product quality!
            Leading sales, worry-free after sales
            Based on the management philosophy of “Quality for survival, reputation for development”, our company has become the vice chairman and secretary-general of the China National Plastics Industry Association's wiring equipment professional committee, and the drafting of “self-locking polyamide cable ties” in China's light industry. The unit has successively won the titles of “AAA Grade Enterprise”, “Integrity Private Enterprise” and “Civilized Private Enterprise” issued by various departments.
            Integrity creates the brand and creates brilliant
            The company adopts meticulous management, and carries out daily inspection, weekly inspection and monthly inspection system on the production side, reasonable start-up and shutdown, careful maintenance, and found that the unqualified products are resolutely crushed and destroyed. In terms of sales, customers have quick feedback on any requirements, and take customer advice seriously, so that every customer has no worries. We may not be able to give you the lowest price, but we would rather explain the price for a while, and we are not willing to apologize for quality for a lifetime! We will definitely make the best quality with the price you are most satisfied with!

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